Etty Susilowati Jurnal Publikasi Ilmiah

  1. A Student Dormitory as an Educational Supporting Facility
  2. Analisis Kelayakan dan Sensitivitas Studi Kasus Industri Kecil Tempe Kopti
  3. Analisis Strategi Implementasi Media Sosial
  4. Biological Assets as Mudharabah
  5. Electronic Word of Mouth ESENSI
  6. Encouraging a Regional Autonomy in Indonesia
  7. Factors Influence Financial Inclusion
  8. Family Coping Strategies During The Covid-19 Pandemic
  9. Financial Distress Bankruptcy Analysis and Implication for Stock Prices of CGC in Indonesia
  10. Impact of Managerial Roles and Financial Performance on GCG
  11. Improvement_of_PRIMKOPTI_Resilience_Business
  12. Kreatifitas Kewirausahaan Sosial dn Menggali Ide Usaha Baru Melalui Pengolahan Kripik Tampe Lupin
  13. Marketing Mix and Purchasing Behavior
  14. Pengaruh Laba Bersih Arus Kas dan Deviden Tunai
  15. Pengaruh Rasio Kedelai dan Lupin
  16. The Decrease of Production of Indonesian Soybean and Efforts
  17. The Evaluation of Cooperative Role in Soybean – University of Indonesia
  18. The Influence Of Brand Awareness Brand Association- DialNet

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